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Language acquisition is a requirement of the IB programme and requires all students to study one additional language. My tutoring methods give students a strong foundation to master the required receptive and productive language skills for their exam. Via online platforms, I teach students worldwide in the comfort of their homes.

Middle Years programme ( MYP) and Diploma programme (DP)

One-on-one instruction is offered from the comfort of the student´s home. This safe and conducive learning environment will equip students with the IB language acquisition required skills. Sessions are tailored to the student’s own learning needs and personal pace. Deeper learning will boost confidence and support students to reach their full IB language acquisition potential.

A slot is allocated to students and sessions take place on a regular basis throughout the year.

Students who only need occasional support can purchase tutoring packages. This gives the students the opportunity to get support when they feel they need it. These packages are particularly popular before the Individual oral assessment and to practice listening skills, but they can also be used for revisions or before exams or mocks.

School breaks are a great opportunity to rest and relax, but also a perfect time to catch up and stay on top of one’s work.



 Individual classes (cover all four language skills)

Individual writing classes

Individual oral classes

Individual listening comprehension classes

Group sessions

Free level assessments

Listening comprehension

Images for orals

Writing prompts for the written task

Reading material for reading comprehension

Vocabulary banks for each IB topic

Grammar worksheets with practice exercises and answer sheets

Giving students the best possible preparation for their final exam

Building confidence and fluency in both receptive and productive skills

Broadening general and IB specific vocabulary

Consolidating grammar


    Communication and collaboration with parents are paramount. After the student’s assessment, a meeting will take place to get acquainted and discuss the student’s assessment and individual needs. Thereafter, parents will be kept in the loop and provided with regular feedback.

Ms. Bacheca has a relaxed but firm approach. Her classes are fun and interesting, covering so many different topics in one lesson. My French marks have improved and I feel a lot more comfortable and confident especially with speaking!

Ms Bacheca is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life! Without a doubt Ms. Bacheca has the ability to bring a student right up to speed even if they are behind in class. My grades have significantly improved since I’ve received tutoring from Ms. Bacheca.

I am lucky to have Madame Bacheca as my tutor. She is kind, respectful and caring. Thanks to her, I am a better student and a better person.

Classes with Ms. Bacheca have helped me not only improve my Spanish, but also feel more comfortable and confident to speak and write in Spanish. Before her lessons I was always stressed whenever I had Spanish summatives, but she has helped me feel more prepared for my exams -especially the individual oral for Spanish. She also prepares these amazing Quizlets that I always refer back to when preparing for any assignments. Even though the classes are online, I can always concentrate easily and access the material needed.

Madame Bacheca is genuinely the best. She is extremely committed to her students and ensures that we are well prepared for IB exams. She knows the program and syllabus very well, allowing students to know what they need to do for success. Her fun and interactive classes are something I look forward to each week!

Madame Bacheca is truly one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is supportive, kind and understanding. Without Madame Bacheca´s unwavering encouragement and commitment (even when trying to pronounce the vowels in French), my proficiency in French would be at a significantly lower level.

Being a senior in high school, I had to have quick study methods and Ms. Bacheca really helped me through that. Thanks to her thorough Quizlets and her commitment to her students, I am happy to say that I have done well in Spanish B SL.

Sra. Bacheca has led me to enjoy learning Spanish and to overcome the intimidation I have always been faced with when learning Spanish. She has helped me to gain confidence, and to have the courage to make mistakes in order to learn from them. In order to do so, she has provided me with several learning strategies, countless Spanish learning resources and several lessons catered to help turn my weaknesses into strengths. She is an extremely patient, kind and devoted educator who has shown me that learning Spanish can be fun, rather than daunting. I am very fortunate to have Sra. Bacheca as my Spanish tutor.

Thanks to consistent practice that is tailored to my learning preferences, as well as the specific skills needed to meet IB standards, I have not only received high results, but most importantly manifested a passion for the Spanish language. I am forever grateful for this learning opportunity with Sra. Bacheca!

Señora Bacheca is an amazing teacher and I greatly enjoy our lessons together

Ms. Bacheca is an incredibly patient teacher. She is supportive and inspires those who lack confidence with Spanish. Also, she also makes sure each and every student understands her teaching in order to improve their grades. Through her Spanish tutoring, I have become much more comfortable and confident in using Spanish in different areas, for example, speaking and writing.

It has been a blessing working with Ms. Hasna. She is very understanding and practical and brings everything closer to home. Her kindness has given me confidence since day one and it drives you to do better than ever. Languages are not hard to learn, you just need the right tools and I’ve got my tools when I’ve got her as my tutor.

Ms. Bacheca has really helped me advance my French skills and knowledge, in ways I was unable to before. Her programme and her wide-array of resources has helped me become more confident in my skills, and has prepared me for many challenges I have faced learning French.

Ms. Bacheca has significantly impacted my preparation for my IB French exam and individual oral. Without her help, I would’ve been completely lost. Her consistent support and incredible teaching allowed me the opportunity to improve exponentially, through her and her many resources, like quizlets, vocab sheets, practice tests, review sheets, and google classroom. I’ve become comfortable speaking French and gained confidence in my readiness for the IB exam.

Madame Bacheca has really helped me improve on my language and grammar skills in French, thanks to her I now find French class more enjoyable and I feel more comfortable engaging in classroom discussions. Thanks to weekly lessons with her, I feel more prepared and confident to sit my exams in May.

Ms. Bacheca is an incredible tutor. As well as having a wealth of resources to help with exam preparation, she also has the right approach to teaching. She has a high standard for her students, and pushes them to reach their full potential. Since I started having sessions with her, I can safely say that my French marks, as well as my overall ability in the language as a whole have significantly improved. I am very grateful for the help Ms. Bacheca has given me.

My weekly lessons with Ms. Bacheca keep me focused on what I need to do to master IB Spanish. Ms Bacheca is incredibly organized and she has divided the IB curriculum into lessons, worksheets and quizlets. Languages are not necessarily my passion, but if I work with Ms. Bacheca there is a sense of progress which feeds my motivation. She is always encouraging and only wants the best for her students. Getting a good grade for IB languages is possible.

Ms. Bacheca has helped me improve my Spanish majorly in a very short period of time. She is extremely kind, and considerate when it comes to learning. Along with that, she is extremely organized and provides me with all material I need. With her way of teaching, I am no longer afraid to speak out in Spanish class – where I used to stay quiet as I was scared to be wrong. My grades have definitely improved in Spanish, and I am excited to learn more from her as time comes along!

Ms Bacheca has helped me greatly in French. I found our preparation for the speaking really useful, and I was able to learn very important techniques for the oral. She gave me excellent practise with the reading, listening and writing, as well as very valuable exam strategies. The resources provided were very good, and I used a lot of them in preparation for my final exam. She is a great teacher, and it was my pleasure to be her student.

Ms. Bacheca is an incredible teacher. She sets a great foundation and then moves onto more complex areas. Her lessons are fun and engaging while being equally educating. She provides ample resources for all areas of French. I have seen great improvements thanks to her.

Madame Bacheca is undeniably supportive towards her students and ensures that they can reach their full potential. My perspective and way of approaching Language B exams drastically changed upon being guided by her nuanced comprehension of the syllabus and what is necessary for students to succeed. Her lessons are comforting for students and confidence-boosting.

Señora Bacheca not only improved my understanding of the Spanish language but also deepened my appreciation for Spanish culture. Thanks to her, each session helped me grow both academically and culturally.

Madame Bacheca is an excellent teacher who helped me tremendously during the IB. I went from feeling nervous to much more confident in French class as a result of her lessons. She always had a plan to make sure I was improving each week!

Ms.Bacheca taught our son French for 3 years. She was his teacher, mentor and advocate. He not only learnt the language but became a very confident speaker. In the IB this was the one subject that he was never stressed about and his results reflected that.

Ms. Bacheca was able to help our daughter improve her French enough to enable her to obtain a 7 in her IB French course. Even though we were based in North America, she was very accommodating in terms of the times that she tutored our daughter, to allow her to maximize her study effectiveness. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Madame Bacheca is one of the greatest teachers my daughter has ever had. She always gets out of classes smiling and having learnt something new. She looks forward to having her classes and has improved her French significantly.

Ms Bacheca has boosted my child’s confidence dramatically through well-tailored, personal lesson plans. She is very well organized, responsible and has passion for teaching!

Ms Bacheca has been an amazing teacher to my two children. She is great at teaching concepts from the beginner level to the very advanced with calm and professionalism. She continuously aims for student growth and fluency in French. She is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of work that she expects from her students and what the students get from her. I love her professionalism.

Ms. Bacheca is a phenomenal teacher. She not only guides her learners through the curriculum, but adds excitement to the lessons with her unorthodox methods, inspiring a love for the language.

Ms. Bacheca is a wonderful teacher!
Very knowledgeable and informative.
Couldn’t have chosen a better tutor for my daughter

Ms. Bacheca strives for perfection from her students. She is an organized and competent language teacher. She has many years of experience with IB and is the perfect choice to tutor language. Her acquisition of languages is remarkable.

Ms Bacheca has just the right mix of maintaining a supportive and encouraging learning environment, while challenging students to dig deep to find that resolve to learn.There is a real love of learning that happens when my boys interact with Ms Bacheca to improve their language acquisition skills.

Ms Bacheca has a unique way of connecting with the student and getting the most out of the lesson time. My son always looks forward to the lessons and has gained a lot of confidence in a short time. Ms Bacheca does a wonderful job of regularly updating me as a parent so that I can also encourage my son. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my son’s enjoyment and motivation in learning Spanish. Our experience with Ms Bacheca has been overwhelmingly positive!

Ms Bacheca is a great tutor. She is very patient and encouraging. She shows passion in helping and motivating her students. Her lessons are well-organized, fun and engaging with a great mix of listening, speaking and writing activities. Even though the lessons are online, Ms Bacheca sends me constant feedback of my children so that I am aware of what they have done during the lessons and their progress.

We are pleased with Ms Bacheca for teaching our 2 kids. After every session she promptly provides a sharp and straight-forward feedback so her students and their parents would know where and how to improve going forward. We really appreciate her profession.

Madame Hasna is not just an excellent languages teacher; she is a great educator. She takes the time to understand the needs of her students, how they learn, and what is the best approach to use to guide them to fulfill their potential. She encourages her students and injects the love for languages and the commitment to learn into them. She has been teaching my daughter IB French recently and the transformation I have seen in just a couple of weeks is tremendous which is reflected in my daughter’s recent top grades.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, Madame Hasna is a humble and caring person. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning languages and driven by achieving outstanding results.

Hasna is a very good teacher and I recommend her without any reservations.

Thanks to you, Hasna, my daughter’s Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds. You are the best.

Our daughter has been fortunate to have Madame Hasna as her French tutor. Madame Hasna’s teaching style is friendly and engaging, which has motivated our daughter to do her best. Madame Hasna focuses on the IB program, providing rigorous instruction that has helped our daughter improve in all aspects of the language. She now finds learning French enjoyable, and her confidence in tackling her IB classes has grown significantly since starting lessons with Madame Hasna.

Ms Bacheca has been wonderful for our son’s confidence! She has been incredibly patient and kind and encouraged him to give of his best. We will be continuing with her for our younger son, and are sure we’ll see great progress for him too!

My son has shown remarkable improvement in his IB level French since he started lessons with Ms. Bacheca. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and incredibly supportive, always adapting the lessons to suit my son’s learning style and pace, yet keeping core strategy to achieve a higher score in the IB exams. She gave me feedback after each class, so that I could encourage my son when it was needed. My son could not have made the progress he has made in his final exams without Ms. Bacheca. We are immensely grateful and highly recommend her.


7 en español!!

Thank you for all your amazing teaching, it really helped!

7 in Spanish! I certainly wouldn’t have gotten a 7 without you. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to let you know that I met my condition at Cambridge in large part due to a 7 in French. Merci beaucoup!!!!

Madame Bacheca has been an amazing French teacher. Through her teaching methods and consistent encouragement, she has helped me achieve a 7 on my French IB exam. Each of her sessions has helped me improve various aspects of the exam, and her focus on IB-specific requirements and vocabulary allowed me to devote my study time effectively. Her classes are always well-organized and planned, and Madame Bacheca is always extremely kind and thoughtful, making me more comfortable asking questions.

I am really happy with the outcome of the exam, with 7s on all French exams! My preparation was really good and lessons with Madame Bacheca were really helpful! I felt much more confident during the listening where I previous had difficulties. My writing was also improved, with a higher level of grammatical complexity.

Sra. Bacheca is a LEGEND!! Without her constant help, support, and love I would be no where near how prepared I was which reflected in the May exam results! I am ever so grateful for her!

I’d like to thank Señora Bacheca for helping me advance my Spanish and achieve a 7 on my final IB exams!

Ms Bacheca is a truly knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I started tutoring with Ms Bacheca around the middle of 11th grade and she taught me right up until the end. I received a 7 in all components of the Spanish IB course alongside full marks in the oral. None of this would have been possible without Ms Bacheca’s guidance and support alongside her myriad of resources.

In my final Spanish IB exams, I attained a 7 – all thanks to Sra. Bacheca. She consistently believed in my ability and gave me countless resources to fully prepare me (and beyond) for my Spanish exams. Her patience and persistence pushed me to improve steadily, whether it be in my range of vocabulary or grammatical structures. When the exams came, I was able to take them confidently – knowing that Spanish had always been the subject I was the most non-confident in.

Going into my IB exam I felt confident having studied and practiced with Ms. Bacheca’s help and guidance. Her teaching and helpful skills helped me successfully navigate the IB exam and I couldn’t be more grateful

Madame Bacheca is truly the best. She helps students practice all of the required skills in order to score a 7 in IB French. I personally was able to score a 7 in all of my final French exams as a result of all the practice she assisted me with and the guidance she gave. Not only have I aced the exams, but I have truly learned how to speak, understand and engage with the target language at an advanced level.

“Through the help of Ms. Bacheca, I was able to learn so much for my learning during the IB. Not only did I earn an amazing grade, I was also able to enjoy learning about Spanish speaking cultures and enjoy learning Spanish overall.”

I was relaxed and felt prepared during my Spanish exam because of all the work we did during our classes! Worked out really well for me!